Lume Brasil

Printed electronics is a new low-cost technology with great competitive advantages. Through this technology, light, flexible and inexpensive electronic devices can be printed on paper or plastic, providing an opportunity for Brazil to stand on the world stage with products that can replace or complement traditional technologies such as silicon.

Developed by CSEM Brasil, LUME electroluminescent lamps are flexible strips of plastic tape that emit light when connected to an electric source. LUME tapes provide a solution in numerous applications, such as:

  • -displays for electronic devices,
  • -interior lighting for cars and aircraft,
  • -commercial plates and storefronts,
  • -decorating, design and fashion projects.

LUME electroluminescent lamps exhibit extreme durability, with a useful life of thousands of hours, flexible material for different applications and low power consumption through the use of components that are not harmful to the environment. LUME is a green technology that has numerous unique advantages over other light sources:

  • -fabricated by low cost roll-to-roll printing,
  • -lower power consumption that LED lamps,
  • -lightweight, thin and flexible,
  • -cool to touch,
  • -no glass parts to break or gas to escape,
  • -uniform lighting over large area,
  • -available in any color,
  • -simple to install with zero maintenance,
  • -absolutely no hazardous materials.

As part of CSEM Brasil’s mission of standing out as a center of excellence in pioneering and innovation useful to different sectors in Brazil, and in order to showcase the importance of organic and printed electronics technology, the launch of the LUME line product happened through a partnership with the famous Brazilian stylist Ronaldo Fraga. Electroluminescent lamps were applied on parts of his amazing collection presented at the 33rd São Paulo Fashion Week. The material used by the stylist was developed and printed by CSEM Brasil. - |55 31| 3326-1600 © 2012 CSEM Brasil All Rights Reserved